8 Reasons we can’t wait until spring arrives in Savannah

8 reasons we can't wait until spring arrives in Savannah
Photo of azaleas blooming in Savannah courtesy landbysea

Spring is nearly here in Savannah and soon we’ll be starting to see temperatures warm up, flowers sprouting up, and the pollen starting to stick to our cars and just about everything else in sight.

This is the time of year in the Hostess City that we start to get excited about everything that leaving winter in our rear view mirrors brings: outdoor festivals, shorts, flip flops, walks at the beach and the sun on our faces. There are just so many things to look forward to.

So many, that we put together a list of 8 reasons we can’t wait until spring arrives in Savannah.

8.  A much more colorful Savannah
The marsh grass (and the grass on our lawns) starts to turn from brown to a nice green and the Confederate jasmine, azaleas and other flowers start to show off their colors.

7.  Warmer weather means less clothing (and more flip flops)
We get rid of our hoodies and shove them back into the closet until November rolls around, and replace them with flip flops, shorts and t-shirts….the usual Savannah-attire.

6.  Sea Turtle Season
Later in the spring, Mama sea turtles visit Savannah’s local beaches to build their nests.  Tybee Island has a volunteer turtle patrol team that walks the beach every morning to help a mama out. A 300 pound loggerhead sea turtle emerging from the ocean and slogging its way through the sand to dig a hole….what a sight to see.

5. Savannah’s wildlife comes alive
No, we’re not talking about downtown’s hot spots after dark. Spring brings more active wildlife in the Hostess City. The great egrets come to nest and mate, gators are on the move all over the area and dolphins are more frequently seen frolicking in the warmer local waters. Savannah comes alive in the springtime.

4. Outdoor dining
Savannah has so many options for outdoor dining…many with fantastic waterfront views.

3.  The wave of tourists in the area
You can’t beat warm weather and sidewalks filled with tourists mingling with locals. Taking a walk just about anywhere in the area and seeing everyone in the sun (in flip flops?) is always a welcome sight after the weather warms up.

2.  Festivals, festivals…and festivals (during non-COVID times)
Before COVID-19 became an issue, springtime brings Savannah’s outdoor festival season with several held in Port Royal starting in mid-February and leading up to May’s Taste of Beaufort Festival at the downtown Waterfront. With so much history, culture and tradition here in Beaufort, we have lots of reasons to celebrate. Take a look at some of the Beaufort area’s larger festivals here…and make sure to attend when the COVID-19 oandemic is over so you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

1.  We’re closer to spending days in the sun at Tybee Island
Spring’s impending arrival means that we aren’t far away from being able to enjoy a lazy afternoon strolling the beach, looking for shells or sitting in the sand and relaxing with a good book. Spending our warm-weather days at Tybee Island is one of the most popular pastimes here in Savannah. Simply put…it’s what we do.

Spring is indeed one of the best times of the year in Savannah, GA. Make your plans to visit, and you’ll see, and enjoy. all the reasons why.

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