Savannah’s Most Haunted: Hotel Edition

The Marshall House Hotel | Photo: TripAdvisor

By Charity Hayes | There are some really awesome haunted hotels to visit in Savannah, the only problem you should encounter finding a place to stay is deciding which one to pick. From historic hotels to renovated bed and breakfasts or even a private Airbnb, Savannah has it all; and you can pretty much count on a spooky story or two at check-in.

Many visitors to the Hostess City have given their own account of the encounters with the restless souls in Savannah. So if you dare, check out some of Savannah’s most haunted hotels to rest your head.

The Marshall House

First on our list of Savannah’s most haunted hotels is The Marshall House Hotel. The hotel on Broughton Street is one of the oldest hotels in Savannah and with that distinction comes an interesting past, filled with enchanting charm and lore.

One thing that makes The Marshall House so unique is that it was built with the specific purpose of being a hotel, unlike many of the other hotels in Savannah. Mary Marshall built the hotel in 1851, on land that she inherited from her father.

Haunted Hotels
Historic photo of the Marshall House Hotel courtesy: The Marshall House

During the Civil War, The Marshall House was occupied by the Union and used as a hospital until the war ended. It was again used two more times as a hospital during the yellow fever epidemics. Many believe ghosts still roam the 165-year-old structure.

Visitors had made many reports of hearing children playing in the halls, upon inspection, no children were found in the hallways.

Some other eerie ghostly occurrences include faucets turning on and off, lights flickering, electronic devices glitching, toilets suddenly overflowing  and disembodied voices that echo throughout the hallways. On the fourth floor, loud noises are known to take place during the wee hours of the morning. Door knobs to the rooms tend to wiggle as if someone is attempting to gain access. Unsure of what this ghost may want, we advise not answering the door.

There’s an infamous story about a mother and son who stayed at The Marshall House Hotel. The boy’s mother was in the bedroom and her son was in the bathroom playing and talking to himself, as children do. The boy came out of the bathroom crying, and the mother asked him, “What was wrong?”

He replied, “The boy bit me.”

Confused, she asked, “What boy?”

He then said, “The one who I was playing with in the bathroom.”

The boy’s mother quickly went to look in the bathroom, and didn’t see any boy, but when she looked at her son’s arm, she found that there was in fact a bite mark. All the color immediately washed away from her face. She later found out that this was not the first case of strange bites at The Marshall House. Other guests have been inflicted with a child size bite mark as well. The bites have always been on an area of the body that would have been impossible to reach unless the person was a contortionist.

When the hotel was restored in the late 1990s, workers were replacing some damaged floorboards when they found human remains. The area became a crime scene, but soon it was discovered that the downstairs had once been the hospital’s surgery room, leading historians to believe that the bones which were discovered came from the amputated limbs of Civil War soldiers. For a timeline of The Marshall House milestones throughout history, check here.

Now that you know a little about The Marshall House Hotel, are you brave enough to book your next stay?

East Bay Inn

Moving on over to our next haunted stop, East Bay Inn. East Bay Inn was built in 1852, right in the center of downtown Savannah, in the historic district, and across from River Street. Its excellent location puts East Bay Inn within walking distance of nearly all of Savannah’s major attractions.

Haunted Hotels
East Bay Inn Photo courtesy: TripAdvisor

Charlie, a former worker is rumored to haunt the inn. Charlie reportedly fell to his death from  third story and it is apparent that he haunts the room to this day. Room 325 is Charlie’s Room and that is where most of the haunting activity has occurred. Reports say he can be heard walking in the hallways late at night jiggling the doorknobs. People say the lights flicker and their personal objects mysteriously seem to disappear. All the happenings are recorded in logs that are on display in the rooms! How eerily cool is that!?

Check out this first hand account from a pair of sisters that spent the weekend just a few doors down from Charlie’s room:
“My sister and I were two rooms down from Charlie’s but we invited him to visit us. We both woke up not knowing what the other experienced but we both told the same exact story. We both felt like someone was cuddling up to us at night. We both were sleeping on our sides and both felt like we were being spooned by Charlie. It was actually a very cool experience We are going back in Jan of next year.”

So if you like spooning with ghosts, East Bay Inn is your place!

Kehoe House Photo Courtesy: Tattling Tourist

Kehoe House

Next up on our list of Savannah’s Most Haunted is the Kehoe House. In 1892, the Queen Ann mansion was built on Columbia Square by William Kehoe. He was an enterprising Irishman who made a fortune in iron and became one of Savannah’s most prominent businessmen. There are a few tales of haunted happenings at the home, after all it was a funeral home at one point and also a boarding home.

William Kehoe’s presence is reputedly felt in the study, the friendly apparition of his wife Anne has been seen sitting on a bed, at a writing desk and walking the halls of the third floor. It is reported that William also rings the bell to enter the home after hours and turns on the lights in the study.

Most of the home’s supernatural activity revolves around children. The Kehoes’ twin boys died at the age of five while playing inside a chimney, which was blocked off and decorated with angels. Their boisterous apparitions can be heard running up and down the halls and the second floor bedrooms. Guests have also heard young voices, when no children were present.

These phenomena have made the Kehoe House one of the most haunted places in Savannah.

Haunted Hotel
Hamilton-Turner Inn photo courtesy Forbes Travel Guide

Hamilton-Turner Inn

Our last stop is the Hamilton-Turner Inn. Built in 1873, the home was the center of wealthy and high society entertaining. Dinners and dances were held at the home on a regular basis. As the story goes, the children of the house would be sent upstairs to play in the billiards room, but they did not want to be left out of the fun. They would roll billiard balls down the stairs to give them an excuse to go down and glimpse the party.

Today, some guests have reported hearing billiard balls rattling down the stairs.

On some nights you may see a man standing on the roof, smoking a cigar. It’s the sign of a great party when the guest doesn’t want to leave….even a century and a half later.
If you’d like to know more about the Hamilton-Turner Inn, check out our friends over at Ghost City Tours.

Obviously there is no shortage of ghost stories and haunted hotels in Savannah. Will you be lucky enough to encounter one of the many spirits that wander the city and its streets? We hope you’re brave enough to check into one of Savannah’s most haunted hotels!

Happy October!