Survey says two-thirds of Americans to travel this summer

Survey says two-thirds of Americans to travel this summer
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When the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in March 2020, most Americans were forced to cancel vacation plans due to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. There was no way for Americans travel.

But a new Trip Advisor survey shows two-thirds of Americans are planning to travel this summer.

Of Americans that were surveyed, 74% plan to steay within the U.S. this summer, while 13% are willing to go abroad, internationally.

Many hotels have increased health and sanitary measures, are enforcing masks in public areas or gyms, and continue to mandate social distancing.

The survey also showed that post-pandemic amenities, including free cancellation policies and dine-in options, are enticing to would-be travelers.

As for the destinations that Americans want to visit this summer? According to the survey results, beach getaways are at the top of Americans’ travel wish lists with Florida and Mexico being the most popular locations mentioned.

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