Tomato Sandwiches: The Perfect Taste of Summer in the South

Tomato sandwich photo courtesy

By Gene Brancho | There are may things to love about being in the South and one of them is definitely our food. We enjoy many specialties including shrimp & crab boils, she crab soup and shrimp & grits; but you won’t find much better than a regular ol’ tomato sandwich with fresh tomatoes from our local farms and gardens.

Over the centuries, the Southeast coast was a major supplier of rice, cotton and indigo to the rest of the world. As times changed, the Southeast is now a major supplier of tomatoes to the rest of the U.S.

Local tomatoes. They’re so good.

Although there are many uses for them, there’s just nothing simpler, and perhaps nothing better, than a tomato sandwich. A tomato and mayonnaise sandwich on store-bought white bread is the finest sandwich known to mankind.

First, its simplicity. The ingredients number just three: white bread, mayonnaise, and fresh tomato. Salt and pepper are optional. This is not a sandwich with tomato in it, but a sandwich made of nothing more than one of summer’s sweetest fruits.

Second, its big summer flavor. There’s nothing like the taste of a ripe tomato that’s been grown in the soil and warmed by the sun and never seen the inside of a refrigerator. What could be better?

Simply put, it’s a taste that should remind you of everything that’s good in the world.

Here in the Savannah, we do enjoy these simpler things. Why make something difficult if it’s not necessary?

Simple and easy to attain and prepare, here are the ingredients for the perfect summer sandwich.

•One BIG local tomato
•DUKES mayonnaise

We won’t insult you with telling you how to make one, because you can handle that. It’s just important that you use Duke’s mayo on your tomato sandwich because the others just don’t add up to a perfect tomato sandwich. Miracle Whip and Hellmann’s don’t work here, and we don’t even know why they make that stuff.