7 Perfect Savannah Photo Spots

Photo courtesy Legacy Images

By Charity Hayes | Tourists and locals alike can appreciate these 7 perfect Savannah photo spots to snap the perfect pic. Whether you’re a novice, a seasoned photographer or just like snapping pics with your cell phone, you’ll want to check out these selfie-approved spots. Honestly though, who are we kidding? Just about everywhere in Savannah is an amazing opportunity to capture a beautiful picture.

The Forsyth Park Fountain

This cast-iron fountain was erected in 1858, designed to resemble the grand fountain in Paris, France. The fountain will serve as the perfect photo alone or as a scenic backdrop with friends and family gathered around. You’ll really capture the essence of Savannah here.

Tybee Island Lighthouse Station

Ordered by General Oglethorpe, Governor of the 13 Colony in 1732. The lighthouse has been guiding mariners safe entrance into the Savannah River for over 270 years. The current Light House displays its 1916 day mark with 178 steps and a First Order Fresnel lens, which stands nine feet tall. You can definitely snap a frame worthy picture here.

The Waving Girl Statue

The statue commemorates Florence Martus, the lighthouse keeper’s sister. She waved to ships in Savannah’s port for more than 44 years. The waving girl stands as a symbol of Savannah’s gracious hospitality and southern charm.

Sergeant William Jasper

The monument of Sergeant Jasper, who fell during the Siege of Savannah in 1779 can be found in Wright Square. Another outstanding photo op for your portfolio or personal collection.

General James Edward Oglethorpe

Found at Chippewa Square this bronze statue of General Oglethorpe faces south, protecting Savannah from the Spanish in Florida to this day. So if history is your thing or you just like really cool bronze statues be sure to stop off at this top spot for snapping a pic.

Savannah’s Olympic Flame

The Olympic Yachting Cauldron sculpture commemorates Savannah’s participation in the 1996 Summer Olympics as the venue for the yacht races. The flame burned throughout the duration of the centennial games in Atlanta. Located in River Street’s Morrell Park you’ll find easy access and close proximity to other picturesque spots within walking distance.

Factor’s Walk

A bluffside row of red brick buildings where cotton brokers/factors bargained during cotton’s heyday. Here, you’ll find an awesome set of brick historic steps. These steps are steep and you definitely need to watch your step. The are even caution signs at the steps warning of such. This is an awesome spot to try out some new angles and moody settings.

There are so many photo worthy spots in Savannah. These are just a few to get you started. If you have snapped some really cool shots in and around town, we’ d love to see them. You may have the opportunity to have your photo featured in an upcoming article or social media post. You can submit your photo here. exploresavannahga/photos@gmail.com

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